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Herkimer Diamonds for Sale


Each crystal is graded by eye and sold according to size and quality (clarity, flawlessness of the surface, inclusions, and general aesthetics). The smaller ones are always more perfect and are more suitable for jewelry, while the larger ones with inclusions are mostly used for meditation, healing, mineral specimens, paper-weights, etc. Various sizes can be used in craft projects.

We have a good ongoing supply of "HERKIMERS" in sizes from 1/8" to several inches. Exceptional ones can have a price tag of several hundred dollars. Not only do we sell them singly, but we have packages of crystals in groups of 10 crystals of uniform size and grade.

We have cluster groupings ranging in size and pricing from $12.00 to several thousand dollars; anhydrous crystals, rainbows, skeletals, record keepers in varying sizes and prices from $25.00 to several hundred dollars; and matrix specimens starting at $5.00. You may also purchase the complete contents of large crystal pockets of varying size and quality from $200. to $2500. With one of these you could have the ultimate puzzle experience reconstructing clusters as they actually grew.

The prices quoted are wholesale. In addition, we offer a 10% - 20% further discount on orders of $200 - $750 and above. All orders must be accompanied by a check or MC/VISA credit card number and expiration date. Please allow for postage and insurance, which is determined by the weight and value of the crystals. If you are a dealer, a copy of your license is to be included; we will send you the necessary sales tax form for you to fill out and return to us. If you wish to wire funds directly into our account, generally $40. must be added to the cost of your order to cover the bank charges. Contact us for details.

Regarding foreign orders, all orders must be accompanied by a check (US FUNDS ONLY) or MC/VISA credit card number and expiration date. A customs declaration form is required. Contents must be listed and valued. "Rough, uncut quartz" is the usual description used. Postage is determined by weight of the package and where it is going plus the cost of appropriate insurance If you care to place an order, we shall try to make a selection that will please you.

On FIRST ORDERS ONLY, the entire package may be returned if the customer is not completely satisfied. Please be specific about size, quantity and price range desired.

We are open daily 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. from April 1st to November 1st. You can also see us at the February Tucson Show at our tent outside the LaQuinta --22nd Ave and I-10. Sorry, we do not publish a catalogue, nor do we sell by the pound.