The Mine

Come prepared for outdoor activity,
rain or shine. Wear old clothes, shoes suitable for climbing over rocks
and walking in mud, gloves, hats, safety glasses, collecting containers,
sun block or rain ponchos. Bring your own hammers, chisels, and small
garden tools if you have them. However, we do sell or rent prospector’s

Mining for Herkimer Diamonds is an outdoor activity enjoyed by people
of all ages. Prospector
tools are available for rent or for sale. They are desirable, but much
can be accomplished with small hammers and garden tools. Visitors should
come in clothing suitable for digging in the earth. For the more serious
mineral collectors we also offer guided mineral collecting.

If you like, bring your lunch and rest in our picnic area. The
Rock Shop keeps cold soda, ice cream, candy, etc., for a quick snack.

Our season starts April 1st and ends October 31st.

Campsites are available right where you dig.

Visitors may prospect daily from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m

Your ticket entitles you to enter and leave the
digging area as many times as you like. Within walking distance you
will find a
convenience store, gas station, restaurant, liquor store, trout fishing and much
more. Plan to stay all day.

The crystals have been waiting 400 million years for you to find
them. Diggers take home all the diamonds and rock specimens they

Mining Fees:

Ages 3 years and younger: Free!

Ages 4-7 years of age: $5.00

Ages 8 years and older: $10.00

Tool Rentals:

Small hammers, chisels, buckets, gardening tools, shovels : $1.00 each

Long handled sledge hammers: $4.00 each

Sluice sets (includes course screen, fine screen, and plastic scoop): $6.00

Pet Policy:

Dogs are welcome at the mine, but we kindly ask that your dog remain on a leash and that you promptly clean up after them.